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Solution Platform Powerful SOA Platform

MODUSPHERE uses a modern, highly available, best-of-breed IT stack and operation at a high security data center to host our solution framework. Below is an illustration of our complete solution framework.

Key Features and Benefits

Rapid deployment Rather than spending months in developing and deploying a solution, only to obtain uncertain results, you can be up and running in weeks with a best-practice based approach to customer integration.
Accessibility – Via our FlexConnect technology, you and your trading partners communicate via a single, transparent Modusphere connection, enabling the secure, efficient delivery of information across the entire value chain.
Flexibility and scalability – Modusphere can leverage your current back-end systems enabling your partners to easily communicate with you.
Extensibility – Modusphere scales as you connect to an increasing numbers of customers and technology platforms.
Process automation
- Modusphere's  M-BPM provides transactional choreography and message enrichment to construct complete transactions that flow through your back-end order management systems and your customers’ back-end procurement systems. The result? A streamlined flow of information that provides all trading partners with the meaningful data they need to execute highly accurate orders in a timely fashion.


Wireless Device Provisioning and ActivationWe Activate Cell Phones!

MODUSPHERE provides provisioning and activation services for the major carriers: Sprint/Nextel, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.


MODUSPHERE has in-depth knowledge, not only of cell Phonesthe technology required to facilitate activations with the carriers, but with the process involved from beginning to end. In fact, we designed and built  the automated order processing system for the leading wireless online storefront.  You can directly benefit from our experience for a fraction of the cost. 

Our automated services bring speed and efficiency to the labor intensive tasks of conducting credit checks and activating new accounts. We have developed automation services with all of the major wireless carriers and allow customers to consume these services in an easy and consistent manner.

We can help you automate your existing wireless activation process, integrate your storefront or eCommerce site and/or enable you to enter the wireless market in a competitive manner.

Because we offer our services in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model, there is no need to buy software, hardware or maintain an in house solution. Our on-demand/pay-as-you-go payment model allows you to pay for only what you use and elminates the need for significant capital.


Below is an illustration of a typical integration scenario with the carriers.  Your company is forced to build and maintain many individual disparate connections.


wireless connections without Modusphere


The illustration below shows how we eliminate the pain and complexity of electronically connecting with the carriers.  We allow one easy and consistent connection with all carriers.


Carrier connection with Modusphere


Our platform is built on a secure, reliable multi-tenant architecture and a repository of shared knowledge and connections. It eliminates the need to build and manage conventional solutions—or to license often cost-prohibitive software. In addition, you leverage a best-practice approach to integration deployment and ongoing management.

Contact Us for more information on how to use our services via whatever technology you choose, and instantly be joined to other customers, partners, suppliers, and outsourced business functions; regardless of firewalls, data models, or existing technologies.

Exchange data with multiple trading partners using your preferred data format (XML, EDI, WSDL, AS2, etc…), and method of communication, (email, FTP or HTTPS, etc...).


Why should you choose us?We are experts

Your enterprise should address its business integration and process optimization concerns without further delay. Modusphere’s proven M-Sphere solution platform and innovative approach to customer integration offer an unparalleled opportunity to improve business processes and operations across your entire demand chain—delivering the responsiveness customers demand, enhanced top-line results, and a dramatically improved competitive position.