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  • MSIFlexConnect Is our proprietary adapter Technology and allows customers to connect to our system using any format and/or technology they choose. (Email, XML, HTML form, Web Service)
  • Single Point of Connection for companies excepting POs allows for the same format every time in the same consistent manner.
  • No Development Costs - Our system gives small and medium size businesses access to a first class solution framework without the need for development.  We adapt to your standards and technology.
  • No Infrastructure Costs - Our SOA based service offerings are in the cloud and hence require no capital investment to use.
  • MySphere Customer Portal - View all transaction activity along with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Availability, Reliability and Security

M-Sphere In ActionEnterprise Service Bus Solution Framework:

The following section shows a typical business integration scenario that would be applicable to the any business excepting purchase orders.  It illustrates the current order submission process, and then the same process using MODUSPHERE's M-Sphere product. 

Fig 1 Typical Business Integration: For each trading partner, (Business B, Business C, Business D and Business E), Business A will need to develop custom point-to-point integration solutions due to different file layouts, file formats, or different types of communication. As the number of trading partners increase, this process becomes extremely burdensome and expensive.  Companies spend a large portion of their budget on IT costs, (hardware, software and personnel), instead of building on their core competency.  They may also be forced to limit the number of trading partners they have. (See Figure 1 below)


Figure 1

In order to remedy this problem, a business would have to spend, at a minimum, $250,000 per year to set up a system with the same functionality that MODUSPHERE’s products and services provides. MODUSPHERE offers a pay-as-you-go solution to this dilemma businesses face. We will incur the cost of setting up the necessary connections with each of the trading partners, and each of the businesses will only need to worry about a single type of data transaction. This will provide a huge cost saving to each business, as they do not have to invest in IT infrastructure and resources. The solution provided by MODUSPHERE is extremely low risk, and very cost effective. Figure 2 depicts the same process as above using MODUSPHERE.


Figure 2