BenefitsM-Sphere for DBL

  • FREE TRIAL - Try us before you buy us. No registration fee. Free purchase order services for one month.
  • Allocated Product Faster Allocation on those hot moving products
  • Less Errors Orders processed electronically - no manual entry
  • Fast Order Processing Orders processed in a fraction of the time
  • Save Time Less time spent formatting and submitting orders
  • No Development Costs - Our system gives small and medium-size businesses access to a first class solution framework without the need for development.  We adapt to your standards and technology.  Any future changes are handled by us and do not affect your business .
  • No Infrastructure Costs - Our SOA based service offerings are in the cloud and hence require no capital investment to use.
  • MySphere Customer Portal - View all transaction activity along with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Availability, Reliability and Security

M-Sphere In Action

DBL Distributing CustomersM-Sphere : DBL Specific Services

MODUSPHERE offers customers of DBL Distributing a complete e-commerce integration solution previously unavailable to small and medium-size businesses.  We can significantly enhance your technical capabilities with little to no effort on your part, at a very reasonable cost.

With our services, DBL customers can submit purchase orders in any format and have them submitted in DBL's preferred flat-file format (or any future format) without any development or disruption to your business process.  The formats include:

  • Email
  • Flat-File (any format)
  • PDFs
  • HTML
  • EDI (AS2/AS3)
  • XML
  • UBL

Submitting orders via email puts you at a disadvantage, because delays and errors occur as part of the manual data entry process.  This manual data entry increases the time spent in customer callbacks, as well as creates the potential to miss out on available inventory. 


With our services, DBL customers can submit purchase orders in any format, (including email and Microsoft Excel), and have them submitted through Modusphere in DBL's preferred flat-file format. We will complete the necessary translation and submit the order to DBL in virtual real time. 


We will translate your email purchase orders into the DBL flat-file format for you on a pay-as-you-go payment plan, saving you the huge cost of trying to accomplish this automation through in-house development. 


Our MySphere customer portal gives you full visibility into all transactions. It also allows for data mining and KPI reporting that are typically unavailable to most companies.

The following is a list of services available for DBL Distributing customers:

Servicesecommerce solution for DBL customers

  • Submit Purchase Orders to DBL via any format and/or technology - Our system adapts to your format and technology. This is no need for development on your end.  This is accomplished with 3 easy steps.

    • 1. Sign up and provide us with examples of your purchase orders and method of submission
    • 2. Send test orders to our test system. We will make sure everything works flawlessly.
    • 3. Start submitting orders to our live system
  • Smart Web Form - MODUSPHERE provides customers with a smart web form that can either be used within their customer portal or integrated into their own web applications. Since the forms are standard HTML, they can be used in any web-based application to submit purchase orders to DBL via the flat-file method.
  • Inventory Data and Downloads - MODUSPHERE can provide inventory data in any format and to any location customers choose. In addition, customers can make use of our real-time inventory web services and integrate this functionality into their own applications.
  • Order Visibility - MODUSPHERE provides real-time order status web services.  Customers no longer have to log into the DBL Support web site and manually check their orders.  You can integrate our services into your applications to see the current state of the order and obtain shipping information.

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