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"Modusphere has cut our Medicaid submission processing time by 90%, without errors. Their service is a tremendous value!

- Office Manager
  Alice Heart and Vascular Center

"Modusphere has allowed us to significantly reduce our costs and expand our capabilities in an unparalleled fashion. They have become integral to our business process."

- VP of Technology
  XEC Direct


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Business TransformationThe Art and Science of driving business performance

Why Automate and Optimize your Business Process?

All businesses need to be agile and flexible to effectively operate and take advantage of new opportunities. At the same time they must minimize costs and operate more efficiently. This agility and flexibility includes being able to rapidly integrate with other businesses for the exchanging information, automate key business processes and then continue to optimize these processes, all while gaining visibility and without incurring prohibitive cost or disruption to those processes. Modusphere gives you the ability to meet all of these needs.  The numerous benefits of process automation and optimization include:


  • Significant reduction in costs and increase in profit margin

  • Elimination of mundane and repetitive manual tasks

  • Ability to re-focus resources to core business operations

  • Speed to market

  • Rapid expansion of your business into new markets

  • Competitive advantage that is critical to success


Instead of building and maintaining many individual disparate interfaces or manual processes, customers can connect to our platform without the need to adopt new technologies or disrupt their business operations. Our platform enables an “any-to-any”  hub connection instead of one-off point-to-point applications. 

  • Integrity - Our success depends entirely upon your success. We are dedicated to providing our customers with first class service and state of the art technology.  We look to build long term relationships with our customers and partners to provide them with the competitive advantage that is needed to achieve their goals.

  • Save 30% to 60% on Integration and Automation — Typical integration and automation require significant capital at the outset and on-going funds to effectively maintain the system. Our platform eliminates the expense and resource drain associated with deploying traditional cross-enterprise integration software or developing a solution in-house. Our Integration services work seamlessly with your internal enterprise and trading partners’ systems. Cost effective solutions that are tailored to your needs allow you to decrease costs and increase profit margin

  • Experience— We have assembled a team of highly talented domain experts with over 40 years of experience in architecting and developing business process automation solutions

  • Rapid Development and Deployment Rather than spending months in developing and deploying a solution, only to obtain uncertain results, you can be up and running in weeks with a best-practice based approach to process integration and automation.

  • Accessibility and Flexibility – Via our FlexConnect technology, you and your trading partners communicate via a single, transparent Modusphere connection, enabling the secure, efficient delivery of information across the entire value chain.

  • Unique Approach - Most companies view integration as an IT project.  Modusphere views this as an opportunity to optimize your business process and we approach your problems with our unique methodology to maximize efficiency cross enterprise.